about us


OTO Solutions is an Italian start-up that accumulates many years of experience, from the ownership, the management and the team, in the field of intralogistics and automated AS/RS systems.

Now, OTO Solutions wants to make the most of the great know-how acquired over the years by offering innovative solutions in the world of Micro-Fulfillment (MFC).

Micro-fulfillment centers technologies and benefits represent a very interesting solution to the future of e-commerce, retail and intralogistics in general.

According to OTO Solutions, there are three main features that a Micro-Fulfillment system must have and on which its entire automated storage and retrieval system offering is based:


– A very quick response time: speed is the key

– High storage density (SKU/m²)

– High Throughput (Line/Hour)

OTO Solutions is already working to offer the advantages of automation and of Micro-Fulfillment Centers to your intralogistics.

Request immediately Information about Micro-Fulfillment Solutions by OTO Solutions “Because Faster is not Fast Enough”