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Automation distribution with the development of micro-fulfillment centers technologies and benefits represent the future of e-commerce, retail and large-scale distribution.


What characteristics must a logistics system have to be suitable for e-commerce and retail?

There is not a “fit it all” solution for e-commerce, mostly, when we are observing significant signals of transformation both in e-commerce and retail.


Today malls corporations could have more chances to survive to the e-commerce competition and the customers’ change of habits. We can rapidly realize a couple of things. First, with a modest investment, malls can reinvigorate their offer, both to visitors and tenants.

Last Mile

Nowadays, instead, buying online is a continually increasing habit worldwide. Anyhow, the last step of delivering the parcel to the end customer is still the most problematic part. There is not a better design of mailboxes for apartment buildings, and the problems related to this are growing exponentially.


A new system that starts to call a lot of attention is the micro-fulfillment system. These automated systems are installed in the warehouse of the store. This system helps to fulfill the online orders, replenishing the shelves of the store and match all the new needs of the online orders, as commented above.